As we continue in our series, 18-inches, Pastor Dhati challenges us to live fearfully. Instead of running from our fears, God’s people are to take their fears to the Him. Pastor Dhati looks at Psalm 34, to both David’s endorsement and encouragement to live in the fear of the Lord.

Anger can be a confusing emotion. Many of us try to avoid it all together. In this sermon, Pastor Dhati encourages the congregation to leverage their anger instead of avoiding it

 As we continue in our series, 18-inches, Pastor Lewis illustrates why king Solomon encourages his readers to have a proper perspective on the tension between joy and sadness. Often seen as the antithesis of joy, we often try to suppress it. Today, Pastor Lewis will show why honoring, not suppressing our sadness will lead to a full life.


Pastor Lewis will continue in our series 18” exploring the feeling of loneliness.  He shows us the importance of confessing our loneliness as a way to guard against our hearts becoming apathetic. And instead using it as a tool to develop greater intimacy with God, self, and others.

It is human nature to deny our feelings. In this series, Pastor Dhati will explore our feelings biblically and what it looks like to accept our feelings as tools, God gives us to connect our heads with our hearts.