Peter empathetically encourages the Church to stand firm together in humility trusting in God’s strength. In this sermon, Pastor Dhati appeals to us to be the church, and stand firm as one church (undivided) against the spirit of the anti-Christ by walking in the spirit of humility.

In our broken world, the truths of God's Word are constantly being challenged, attacked, and critiqued. As exiles in a foreign land, Pastor Lucius Rouser IV challenges us to reject sin, entrust ourselves to God, rejoice in the suffering to come, and live holy lives.

The Apostle Peter knew first hand what it meant to disobey, idolize comfort, and even deny Jesus. However, after encountering the resurrected Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit, Peter lived a life of radical obedience. He forsook his comfort, suffered greatly, and eventually died for the cause of Christ. In this message, Elder Rob Harden challenges us to search our hearts and ask God to show us whether we're living lives of comfort and disobedience, or discomfort and obedience.

As Christians, we will suffer unjustly. Why? Because Christ did. In this message, Elder Rob Harden calls us to entrust ourselves to the suffering servant, Jesus Christ, and endure suffering because it glorifies our risen Savior. 

As Christians, how do we resist becoming embittered when we live in communities full of sinners? We must constantly cultivate our relationship with Christ.

God, in His great mercy, chose us to be set apart. In this sermon, Pastor Lucius Rouser IV describes the importance of living holy lives that flow from our identity as God's chosen ones.

We are God's chosen people. What does this mean? How should we respond to this divine election? Pastor Lucius Rouser IV gives us 9 reasons to glorify God that come with our new identity as God's people.