Andrew Williams

I went to church regularly as a kid, but I eventually stopped once I began attending college. As a casual church goer, I matured finding little fault in my lifestyle. Albeit I asked God for forgiveness, these empty words had little impact on my life. My desire for money and security opened the flood gate to many vain pursuits and sins. Things that often left me broken…

So what changed?

I had always put my trust in Jesus, or so I thought, but after years of brokenness, “doing me”, my sins and my shallow understanding of Christ started to impact my life in devastating ways.

Finally, when I was a Sophomore at Plumbline Ministry’s SEE Retreat, Fall 2007 (UNT), I decided to get involved because I became more curious about who God really was and I needed
direction. A good friend and solid brother in the faith gave me the Gospel while there. In the midst of praying for direction this Gospel revealed that my comfort was misplaced: parties, self-image, money, sex, success. I was so convicted, followed by an urge to deeply repent, not just say “sorry God”. My new found hope in Jesus was the soul quenching direction I had been longing for all along. I was overjoyed to know that despite being a sinner, by God’s grace, Christ would die for me, wash me of my sins and extend salvation to me!

From that day forward I placed my faith in the saving hands of Jesus. I continued doing ministry with Plumbline, graduated with my degree in August 09, married my lovely wife in October 09 and moved to Atlanta, GA (March 12) with a call to serve the world alongside community here at Blueprint Church. Now I am studying to pursue my M.B.A. while serving others or networking to create amazing friendships!