Candace Pressley

Who Am I? Well, my name is Candace. I am from South Carolina, a true country girl. I was raised around horses and four wheelers; yet I’m deathly afraid of spiders.

But that’s not really who I am. I am a young woman who was lost and caught up in the treasures of the world and culture for most of my life. I Chased academic success and strove to fill my head with knowledge and life with people as idols. I painfully realized that the heart yearns for so much more. Jesus Christ had been a figure head to me, a church mosaic in glass; I did not know that he was not only friend, but BEST friend and savior. God’s love has been life changing, every day, every moment, every second I’m amazed.

I am currently a sophomore at Emory University in Atlanta, GA as an African American Studies major & Pre-Law student. An anger I once harbored toward racism and prejudice is being refined into righteousness and a heart to see God’s heart for injustice change the landscape of the American Justice System, as well as Legal systems internationally. God redeems! FACT! It would be selfish of me to think that what He did for me, He can’t do for the world we live in; my new found joy.