Stephanie Stewart

I’m a FL girl from a small town. Growing up I was taught good values and morals, but not from a Biblical perspective. While I have always had a heart for giving back and impacting other’s lives, I never did it to point them to Christ. Looking back, many times it was to get the recognition for myself. While accepting Christ early in my life, I didn’t have that community around me to help me understand what it all meant. I always thought, “oh I have a good heart and I pray so I’m good,” but having come to Blueprint I have learned that Christ desires so much more.

Through high school and most of college I would read my Bible, and while I had the desire to know who God was, I never really took it to that next level. I kept feeding the emptiness I had inside me with other things that never filled me. I knew that I was missing something, but would continue to believe the lies that I was being told that God didn’t love me, that I wasn’t beautiful or that no one really cared about me.

At the end of 2009 I moved to Atlanta and was ready to connect to a church. I bounced around for a while until I found Blueprint. Being here has really impacted my life and my walk with Christ. I have never been a part of a community and family like we have here. Watching me grow in Christ and where He has brought me from in my shame is so amazing. I really don’t know where I would be without my Blueprint family and especially my West End Missional Community. I now know that I am unconditionally loved and that God desires so much for my life. I am made beautiful through Him!!