66 books in 30 days (part 3)

8.   Solomon’s life illustrates our real problem (lavish whoredom not lack of wisdom)

[list_square] [li]This was by far the one that was most pivotal for me.  If you don't pay attention to any other point, please follow this one.[/li]

[li]I Kings Chapters 10 and 11 lay out this point beautifully.  In 1 Kings 10, we see a chapter that focuses on Solomon’s wisdom.  The Queen of Sheba is impressed with him because he’s so smart.  The chapter goes on and talks about all the money and possessions he had as a result of his wisdom.  It looks like an upward swing.[/li]

[li]1 Kings 11:1 starts off with a sad verse, however, “Now Solomon loved many foreign women...”  Solomon’s heart went after things that God told Him to stay away from.  His head was in the right place, and he was the wisest man to ever live, but that didn’t stop His heart from wandering.  Solomon’s real problem wasn't a lack of wisdom, it was lavish whoredom.[/li]

[li]Throughout the whole Bible, this point is reaffirmed over and over.  People don’t disobey God because they misunderstand Him, they disobey God because they don’t trust Him.  Rarely is it a cognitive issue.  It’s ALWAYS a heart issue.[/li]

[li]Wisdom is a great benefit, but it is a terrible savior.  Our heads aren’t the problem; our hearts are the problem.[/li]


9.   I can’t be concerned about getting “done”.  I have to find enjoyment in it—and I did.


[li]Early on in this process, it would take me about 2 ½ to 3 hours each day to finish...especially, when I was reading larger portions of Scripture.  The way that I would approach each section of Scripture was flipping to the end of the amount I had to read and counting down the pages until I was finished.  I just wanted to get done.[/li]

[li]Then it hit me…I’m going to be here for a few hours whether I count the pages or not.  Rather than just trying to get done, I have to find enjoyment in what I’m currently doing (which is the message of Ecclesiastes).  Somewhere in that process, it clicked for me, and I once again enjoyed reading my Bible.  It became a place of rest and comfort for me and it was then that I started to gain the most out of my time.[/li]

[li]Since then, this has been the case for me, and I enjoy getting away and reading and hearing from my Father.  He’s so good to me, and I love communicating with Him.[/li]


10.   There is great relief in not putting our stock in earthly leadership


[li]Throughout the duration of the Bible (especially reading through 1Samuel-2 Chronicles) one thing that I noticed was that even God’s chosen people had terrible ungodly leadership.  What that means is that for most of history the highest level of earthly leadership has been godless and wicked.  And you know what? God has still invaded the world with the gospel and lives are being transformed![/li]

[li]Don’t get me wrong, godly leadership in government is a blessing, but it by no means is a necessity for God’s will to thrive in this world.  So pray for your leaders, put your hope in God and lead the life that God has given you to lead.[/li]


11.   I HAVE TIME!!!


[li]Do you know how I found out that I had the time to read the Bible in a month?  Because I did it.  I saw just how worthless my past excuses were and how lazy I was.  Do you know what?  A lot of the excuses you give for not being able to spend time reading the Bible are pretty pathetic as well.  You have time to read (maybe not the whole Bible in a month, but you have time.)[/li]

[li]For the month of August, I was pretty much absent from Twitter and Facebook because every time I picked up my phone in my spare time it was either to read from the You Version app (which was a huge help) or to play Words With Friends (come on...give me that one).  You have the Bible on the device that you’re reading this blog post.  So read it![/li]

[li]You have the time.[/li]


12.   God is not an introvert


[li]God is not self-conscious.  No one in the Bible has to guess God’s plan or wonder if He’s pleased or not.  He’s a masterful communicator that readily expresses Himself.[/li]

[li]Where He’s pleased, He says it.  Where He’s displeased, He says it.  When He wants someone to do something, He lets them know.  God isn’t introverted.[/li]

[li]You want to hear God speak more.  Read the Bible more.  He speaks through His Word.[/li]


13.   Revelation is a full display of the true colors of everyone in this story

[list_square] [li]Revelation – the one book of the Bible that confuses everyone, finally made sense to me! To be honest, at the end of this 30 day journey, I can honestly say that this was the first fruitful reading of Revelation that I’ve ever had.  Primarily, because I stumbled upon the above truth.[/li]

[li]Revelation is a book of the Bible, just like the rest of the books of the Bible, which means the PRIMARY point of the book is to reveal the character of God.  We get so lost in all the sequences and events and bowls and trumpets and four-headed monsters with bear claws and ostrich necks that we miss the fact that this a book about God.  [/li]

[li]At the end of the story (the Bible), everyone’s character is revealed for what it is.[/li]

[list_ordered] [li]God is holy, and He’s setting everything in order.  His anger and wrath against sin are brutally unleashed, and by the end of the book He makes everything right.  Creation is restored and there is paradise thanks to Him.  What an amazing and gracious God.[/li] [li]God’s people thank HIM.  The craziest thing that I realized is that Revelation is a book of thanksgiving.  In almost every chapter, God’s people are praising Him for what He’s doing.  (Rev. 4:8-11; 5:9-10; 6:10; 7:9-12; 11:16-18; 12:10-12; 15:3-4; 16:5-7; 19:1-8). No one is apologizing for God’s wrath.  While there is a lot that I don’t understand right now, it’s comforting to know that one day I won’t be trying to work through in my head how to apologize for God’s wrath, but I’ll be thanking Him that He’s restoring everything.  When God reveals Himself, His people praise.[/li] [li]God’s enemies curse him.  Did you know in the entire book of Revelation no one on the receiving end of God’s wrath repents or asks Him for help?  Nobody asks for God's help. "They were scorched by the fierce heat, and they cursed the name of God who had power over these plagues," according to Revelation 16:9.  They did not repent and give Him glory. Verse 11 makes the same point again.  Throughout Revelation, people that are God’s enemies prove that they are his enemies by cursing Him instead of pleading to Him—showing that God’s judgment is just.[/li][li]God makes everything right.  His people thank Him.  His enemies curse Him. He destroys evil once and for all and brings us back into perfect relationship with Him.  What an amazing God.  Thankful I get to know Him.[/li] [/list_ordered]