Colombia Missions | Recap

My husband, son, and I were blessed with the opportunity to travel to Bogota, Colombia for a mission trip a couple weeks ago. I didn't know what to expect but was excited for God to reveal himself on the trip. I still don't have adequate words to describe the people, sights, and events that took place. The relationships formed with the locals and our own team was extraordinary. Our team organized a sports camp, helped with a homeless ministry, visited numerous churches, performed concerts, shared our testimonies at a drug rehab facility, and were regular awestruck tourists during our time there.

Beautiful Bogota, Colombia

One of my favorite moments was when our teammate Aaron, better known by his Christian rap stage name Canon, and one of the young men at the drug rehab facility battle rapped. The gentleman confidently went bar for bar with Canon. The mood was electrifying yet God-honoring. I could tell the young man felt his gifting come alive. Hearing them rap in English and Spanish, respectively, is a memory I will treasure forever.

Witnessing that young man, who has been down in the throws of life and currently seeking redemption, rap about God made my heart feel like it was going to burst out of my chest from happiness and joy. God's sovereignty in allowing Canon to be on our trip and be an inspiration to him was and still is amazing to me. It was not planned for the two of them to rap together. I believe the spontaneity of the moment is probably what made it even more special. I absolutely love how God shows himself in so many different ways and different circumstances.

Outside Drug Rehab Facility

Building relationships with people and helping them find ways to honor God with their lives is my passion. I love seeing people come to the realization that the unique way God made them is enough for God. This moment exemplified perfectly how God can use our unique gifts to bring glory to Him even when it's outside of the norm. It aches my heart when people look down on things outside the norm of western Christianity. Some may even go so far as to demean someone's gift. There are diverse audiences who need something different - something outside the norm. As long as the gospel is central and God is the object of our affection I believe it will be God-glorifying.

Friends, your gift may not look like other people's gift. Your gift may not attract everyone but for the audience God has for you I say go for it with the best of your ability. God wants to use you for His kingdom and for His glory. Sometimes it may take going outside the norm to reach people in your path. Don't be afraid to take risks and use your God-given gifts.

In Christ, Alissa