Joy in the mundane

The more I looked at my life, the more I began to notice that I was truly discontent with it. I found it to be pretty mundane and thus void of any joy. I wanted a change. I needed a change. Everywhere l looked and everyone I talked to seemed to be in one of two camps. On one end, I heard if I wanted to be happy I needed to do something about my life. With all the self-help books and resources out there talking about how to make a “better life now” it only made sense. On the other end, I heard it’s just a phase. It’ll pass. My situation would “get better in time.” I just had to hold on and wait it out. No matter which one of these camps I leaned toward, the same problem arose. No joy in the now. Anyway it went, my joy would be found in what could be. But what could be for me just happened to never be what was. Then it hit me, what if life would always be this way? What if my situation would never change? What if life for me would forever be mundane at best? [pull_quote_left]What if you found out that there is just as much joy to be found in the day-to-day, same old same old as there is in the most exciting times?[/pull_quote_left]Does this mean a life full of discontentment, a life void of any true meaning, a life void of any happiness or true joy? I couldn’t be the only person dealing with this, I thought. The majority of people in life will never be a movie star, millionaire, or celebrity. The majority of people will never have what society deems an extraordinary life. The majority of people live pretty ordinary lives hoping for extra-ordinary lives because they think “if only I... I would be happy.” This is easy to believe considering we live in a day and age where this is what is hammered into our brains. Everywhere you turn, society is telling us there is more for us to chase to make ourselves happier…to dream bigger dreams that will bring us joy.

But what if I told you that wasn’t true? What would your life be like if you knew there was joy to be found right where you were? What if you found out that there is just as much joy to be found in the day-to-day, same old same old as there is in the most exciting times? What if you didn’t have to wait for tomorrow? What if joy was right where you are at this moment? What would life be like if you could find joy in the mundane? In a day and age when everyone is saying chase your dreams, who is challenging us to find joy where we are? To stop chasing “what could be” and just enjoy “what is”. (If that sounds like a great plug for a book, good! I’m writing one!)

In no way am I saying that you should "settle" for life just the way it is, but we need to reshape the way we view those things in life that we have become discontent with and we now see as "mundane." I wholeheartedly believe the mundane is a gift of God's grace that is often overlooked seeking out the next "big event".

What’s stopping us from finding joy in the mundane?

Do we not believe that God has us where we are for His glory, which is in turn for our joy? At times, this is tough simply because our will does not align with His will. Many of us, if we are honest, don’t want it to. This is because we can’t seem to figure out how His glory brings us joy. We want to be at the center of our own universe and everyone else’s for that matter.

I believe that God has called some to have much some to have little and some to be in the middle, but all to find joy where they have been placed with what they have been given. You can find joy knowing that when it’s all said and done God will look over your life and say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” What could possibly give you more joy or make you feel like more of a success than those words from the God of the universe?

Joy is found in God. God finds joy in Himself. Christ is the exact imprint of God; the very nature of God. All things were created by Him, for Him and for His pleasure or joy. That means all things “good” “bad” or “mundane” play a part in our joy if our joy is found in Christ.

Christ is sufficient. He's not just enough, He's all!

If someone were to pour water into a cup until it ran over, that would prove that the water was sufficient to fill the cup. Yet, just because it was sufficient to fill the cup doesn’t mean it stopped when it hit the brim. It clearly was more than enough, but in order to be more than enough it had to first be enough. Don’t get confused when scripture says that Christ’s “grace is sufficient”. This doesn’t mean that it is “just” enough to get us by. It means that as long as we have his grace we’ll never be in lack. It will never be less than enough to fill us, and because He is and has so much more than we can even begin to imagine, it can also overflow us.  We no longer have to make the present an enemy of the future joy that awaits dreams fulfilled.  Truth is, if you’re always living life for tomorrow and don’t enjoy today, when tomorrow comes you won’t enjoy it either because tomorrow will always become today.

So why not put an end to that loathing cycle and begin experiencing joy right where we are?

A life well spent with Christ can be anything but mundane.