New Service

  It’s been amazing to see the faithfulness of God over the past 3 and a half years that Blueprint Church has been in existence in the city of Atlanta.  From 30 people meeting in a living room in the summer of 2009, to watching the seats fill up at 2 services every Sunday, hearing the countless stories of how God is unleashing people to do ministry where life exists in our neighborhoods, our city, our country and even our world (through members that live in the city as well as those that have been sent overseas as missionaries) we are humbled by the amazing work God has done in and through us as a church.  We are just as thankful for YOU—the amazing family that God has created at Blueprint Church.

As the gospel has been changing people and people have been changing and impacting the city, we’ve started to run out of space in our facility downtown—which is a great problem to have.  Two services are no longer able to fully accommodate all of the people that are coming.  With that being said, after much prayer and consideration, we are happy to announce that we will be adding a third worship service on Sundays.  Beginning March 3rd , Blueprint Church will be offering a 9am service in addition to our newly adjusted service times of 10:30am and 12:30pm services.  “Hello Word” (our ministry to the kids) will be running at full capacity during all 3 services.

After considering a number of options, we believe 9 AM works out the best for our church for a number of reasons.  First, by keeping all 3 of the services in the morning, we ensure that each service is just as family friendly as any other service. Also, by adding a service in the morning as opposed to the evening, we reduce the strain on our current volunteers and leave the afternoon uninterrupted so that you are freed up to engage neighbors, co-workers, and even first time visitors to Blueprint. With all of that considered we would invite all of our members and regular attenders to partner with us a few ways.

(1) PRAY.  Pray that God would continue to bless the gathering of his people and the preaching of Word.  As we attempt to make the message of the Bible plain, pray that people would meet Jesus in a very real way.

(2) ATTEND.  If you are able to attend this 9 AM service we ask that you would make this your primary service, in order to make room for those visitors who would come to one of our morning services.  Historically, the 10:30am and 12:30pm services are the time where the highest percentage of visitors come.  We want to do our best to accommodate those who God sends our way.

And Lastly,

(3) SERVE. An additional service is just that…another opportunity for us as a church to serve the community and people that God brings to us.  We as a church believe deeply the words of Jesus when he says “it is better to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).  We would invite you to join with us in this opportunity. (Email for more info)

Grace and peace,

John Onwuchekwa Teaching Pastor, Blueprint Church