On Mission In India

Dr. Sam (We are concealing his name for the protection of his family) is a native of India who became a member of Blueprint in 2011. Feeling the call to return to his home and help spread the hope of the Gospel there, he and his family moved to India. He recently sent us a letter to update us on the status of his ministry. The following is his letter, and we hope that it encourages you as you are doing ministry where life exists![divider_line] Greetings to all, in the name of our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ.

I am writing this letter to update my spiritual involvement in India. We are now residing in the Southern tip of India, which is called God’s own country. Even though its name is God’s own country, true God is not there in the heart of people living in this state. The majority are Hindus, worshiping idols and doing poojas.

After arriving here, God led me and my family to a solid church. This church is focused on spreading the Gospel among Hindhus and Muslims and also among tribals in the forest. It has five Bible schools for training poor brothers and sisters who are really committed for God's ministry.

Here are some of the ministries that I get to be a part of:

1.  Deaf and Mute Ministry

There are lots of deaf and dumb people living in our area. Most of these people are dependent on sign languages for their communication and there is no Bible in their sign language. Recently, a group of people have started making CDs and DVDs with Bible stories in sign languages for these people. By God’s grace, many deaf people (mainly Hindus and Muslims) have responded to that video communication program. In our church also, we have started worship for them. Every Sunday, I am worshiping with them and my role is to learn the sign language and help them in better understanding of the Bible and help them in their daily activities when ever they need help.

2.  Bible Training Centers

One of the main activities of our Church is to train students thoroughly in Bible for 3-4 years, at no cost to them.  The students (believers) will be selected from villages with poor backgrounds. The idea is to send these students back with leadership qualities, giving them Bible knowledge and cultivating a heart for their native villagers, so that they pass the Gospel to their respective remote areas. By God’s grace, up to now, our church could take care of these students, including their food, clothing, travel expenses, day to day needs etc.  On Saturdays, I lead them for the Gospel sharing among north Indians who came to Kochi to make their daily earnings. So, as part of this we have started Sunday evening Hindi worship.

3.  Village Ministry

Many people in India live in tribal villages, lacking education and healthy hygiene. Many of these tribal people are under the control of oppressive groups and do not have freedom to communicate with others. These groups are against gospel work and will kill people who are involved. In this situation, everybody is afraid of going to these villagers to share the gospel.

However, by God’s grace, our pastor has been able to go to a village recently and share about Christ. Those people don’t have a good place to worship. They are sitting under the trees to worship our God. We would be ashamed by seeing their faith. They are not afraid of persecution, nor bothered about sunlight, rain etc, but enjoying the love of Christ.

God helped the church to start some activities in another remote area. Most of the people in this area are very poor and don't have proper housing. Men and women work in Tea-estates the whole day and at night they gather together for the worship.

Our church is planning to build a worship centre for the people. Also, God has helped us to build homes for some poor people.

 4.      Tract distribution

 My wife has started writing some thoughts from the Bible (tracts which target Hindu as well as other denominational Christians) and we are involved in distributing this to people. Other than this, on every Sunday, we go to several camps (people from other Indian states involved in construction or building work) and share Christ’s love with them by giving tracts and Bibles, talking person to person and praying with them. Some respond positively and with respect to that, a few people have accepted Christ and been baptized recently. By God’ grace, everything is going fine.

Recently we are facing financial crisis, especially to run Bible training centers. Since we have to meet every student’s day to day expenses, it becomes a huge amount every month. So please pray for that. Also, if anyone is willing to sponsor these activities, it would be wonderful in Christ’s name.

My wife and my son are doing well. Please pray for me and my family.


In Christ,

Dr. Sam