Talking to Strangers

How do I say hi? To answer, I posed the question to MizChatty, an experienced conversationalist (and fictitious persona).

This is what MizChatty says: "Start with Goodbye." "Yes, That's what I said. You heard me. Let me explain."

"When I was a teen I noticed most of the other teens looked like this:"

"Then again, I probably looked like them too."

"I like fun; so, what do I do? I had to say 'Goodbye' to: Do they like me? Do they think I'm pretty? Am I funny? Can I impress them?"

to get them to look like this:

"And then the fun started!"                                                                                                                          

"By asking questions about THEM that couldn't be answered with YES or NO. Questions like: Where do you live? What is your dog's name? Why? What kinda music do you like? What is your favorite subject? Why? How's your day so far?"

So that's what  MizChatty says.

How do you say hi?

By saying Goodbye to