The New

Welcome to the new Blueprint Church website. We've been hard at work for the last few months developing this new web space with you in mind. Our goal was simple: to create a website that shows who we are as a church and what we do. Blueprint is a church that is all about the family of God sharing life together. We exist to see the Gospel of Christ change people and to equip and unleash those people to impact others in the same way. So, this website is built around those 2 aims. We wish to feature the personal stories of change that God is writing in the lives of our family. We wish also to give you resources and inspiration to be similar vessels in your own context. So, who is Blueprint Church? We've created the following sections of the site to give you a glimpse into the lives that make up our church family.

Member Spotlight

Each week we hope to share a new story of change and redemption from our members. Some of these stories will be new converts sharing their testimony for Baptism, while others will be experienced believers sharing personal stories of how they have grown while walking in the faith. Feel free to browse the Member Testimonies page and share the stories on Facebook and Twitter.

News and Announcements

Our News & Announcements page will keep you up to date with what's going on around the community. From each event page you will be able to share to Facebook and Twitter, as well as sign up to serve or request more information.

Leadership Profiles

The Leadership Profile pages offer the opportunity to get to know the elders and staff of Blueprint Church. Each leader has their own profile page where you can learn more about their testimony and family. You can also check out their social media pages as well!

What is blueprint about? What do we do? The following resources are some of the ways Blueprint is living out its mission to see healthy people doing ministry where life exists.


This page is an overview of our philosophy, mission and strategy. It demonstrates how we function as a local church and what we offer our members in terms of ministry.

Blueprint Blog

The Blog will be one of the primary resources of the website. We will feature articles from our pastors, some about theological and doctrinal topics and others about devotional and cultural topics. You will also hear from other members of Blueprint and partner ministries, as they share their commentary on social issues from within and outside of the church.

Sermon Resources

In addition to the blog, we have a full catalog of sermon podcasts from Blueprint worship services. You can check out the sermons by series or browse the sermon archive individually. Each Sermon Series has its own page, and you can view any of the videos that we used to support that series.



The New Logo

If you're familiar with Blueprint, you may have noticed that we have a new logo. We decided to use this opportunity to develop a whole new look for the church. Our original logo was intentionally simple as we wanted to demonstrate that we are more about authenticity, than style. Carrying that same philosophy over, we developed this new logo in an effort to symbolize who we are as a church family.

Our new logo can be seen from 3 distinct vantage points, each giving a unique look into who we are.

One of the first things someone may notice when looking at our logo is the grid of white lines, similar to an actual blueprint. Our goal is not just to build another church. Our heart is to create a movement—a healthy model of an urban church that’s culturally relevant and doctrinally sound. A blueprint represents a detailed outline or a plan of action; it is defined as a process or a plan that is intended as a guide to make something else. Intended as a guide, we desire to be very purposeful in our church as to welcome others to be a part, to train them up and to send them out to recreate what God is designing through us. We desire to be a blueprint for the urban context.


Secondly, the logo can be seen as a set of blocks or bricks. You can think of this as the community coming together to make the plan manifest. The sum of the various parts of our community are working together to fulfill the vision of seeing healthy urban church plants built up for the glory of Jesus.



Finally, the logo can be viewed as a city map. Again showing our heart for the city and urban areas everywhere. Blueprint Church is committed to the city, not just to come in and do service projects, but to take up residence and live, forming authentic relationships with our neighbors and serving them out of the love of Christ. We are in the city because we are the city!