Why I Serve

There are so many reasons why a person might choose to serve. Starting off, it’s Biblical. The Bible challenges, encourages, and commands us to various types of service, and it is central to the Gospel message. Jesus perfectly sets the example of service in His death on the cross. As we strive to look more like Jesus, it is only natural that we would become servants as well. "And whoever would be first among you must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”-- Mark 10:44-45

Serving as a host and greeter for Blueprint Church for the past two years has been great. It began as something I signed up for because of the truth above. I knew that God had challenged me to serve in all areas of life, and specifically to contribute to my local church. The host team just seemed like a natural fit. It wasn’t that hard to me-- just smile, welcome people, and guide them to their seats, right? I learned that it wasn’t that easy; I have to say that it is actually pretty awkward and unnatural to go up to people you don’t know, to start up a random conversation, just as it is kind of strange to have a muted battle with people (both members and non-members) who clearly do not want to sit where you’ve asked them to. I also didn’t guess that it would be so frustrating to see first time visitors leave because there are no available seats or that serving as a host would help me to start to understand the way that the Lord has wired me.

Throughout my time as a host, Blueprint has transformed from the church I attend, to being the church I am a part of and where I contribute. Blueprint is my church. I care about what is going on, I care that people sometimes cannot find seats to sit in, I care that people visit at times and don’t feel welcome, and honestly, I feel responsible. No, I don’t feel responsible in the same way that the lead pastor is, but in the sense that I want to do something about the needs or problems that I see.

In a sense, serving once a month as a greeter has challenged me to serve regularly. When the church became my church, I began to care more about church initiatives and efforts, and it wasn’t what they’re doing anymore, but it became what WE are doing. Gradually, my missional community wasn’t something I passively participated in or another small group that wasn’t “my cup of tea” anymore, but I fought to genuinely plug in to the family the Lord placed me around. I began to view the elders and leaders of Blueprint as people who weren’t in their positions solely to give (their time, energy, focus) to others, but, in fact, as people who desperately needed and need to be served and encouraged as well. I realized my contribution was needed frequently, not just when I was on the schedule to greet.

Thanks to being plugged in, things have changed for me. Though I am encouraged greatly by the leadership and members of Blueprint, that really is not the main focus. I just want to be a faithful servant to and with the family the Lord has graciously given me in Blueprint Church.

To all the family and friends of Blueprint: How does Mark 10:44-45 challenge you as it relates to our church?