We have been given the Holy Spirit to bear witness to the resurrection power of Jesus in our lives. Sometimes we need to change our mentality to recognize what the Spirit of God is already doing in our lives. As we begin to recognize what He is already doing, our expectation that He will continue working in our lives grows. But we must realize that a major reason the Holy Spirit is at work in us is that we might testify to Jesus’ saving work in our lives. In a major way, we have been saved in order to bear witness to the reality of Jesus.

Elder Rob takes us through the second chapter of Acts as the first church launches and the Father sends the Holy Spirit in dramatic fashion. Elder Rob illustrates how the believers were united in prayer as they waited on a move of God.

This week we began a new series in the book of Acts called, "Catching Fire: How God Ignited His Church To Change The World." Pastor Dhati kicks us off by illustrating how Christ began to build His church and what our role is as He builds.