Pastor Lucius explains that without Jesus' glorious resurrection, His crucifixion is powerless and pointless. With the resurrection comes a new reality, one marked by eye witnesses and evidence. Mark leaves his readers in Mark 16 in awe and wonder at the gospel and challenges us to ask ourselves, "What do I do now?"

Will we love our life to death, or pick up our cross, deny ourselves, and follow Jesus?

Put your hope in the King and His Kingdom that cannot be damaged by this life's trials. This is how you will endure whatever comes your way.

The corporate application of the new covenant can enable you to endure and eventually flourish despite your past moral failures.

As we continue to walk through the Encounter series, Pastor Dhati cautions us to uproot unchecked suspicion. He calls us to check our cynicism at the door and commit ourselves entirely to Christ.

King Jesus can come back at any moment. How should we endure through hardships while we wait for His return? Pastor Lucius encourages us with the book of Mark 13, to "Stay awake. Be on guard. For our reward is after the bell.”

As we continue in the Encounter series, Pastor Dhati challenges us to appreciate the little things because they have the potential to lay the biggest footprint in your life and the life of others.

Can you recall a time in your life when you used skepticism to keep Jesus at bay? Some of our skepticism is cynical: "If you believe in Jesus you must believe in Santa Claus too." While other forms of skepticism are sincere: "the Bible describes Jesus as good, but I am feeling skeptical of this since I lost my job." The tragedy when we use skepticism this way is that we are keeping at bay the very person who can provide us with the relief and comfort we so long for. Jesus pursues us despite our skepticism. You may not ever find out the reason you lost your job, but Jesus' pursuit and presence in your life will prove answer enough.

Are you yielding the fruit of repentance? God seeks to encounter us and our neighbors. Each encounter is a call to change. Change how we live work and play. Pastor Lucius teaches us through Mark 11:27-12:12 that "An encounter with God isn't a one-time event but a series of invitations to repent."

In the latest sermon of our Encounter Series lead pastor of Bridge Church, James Roberson, encouraged us to live authentic lives marked by the power of the Holy Spirit. He challenged us to bring our brokenness and neediness before God and our faith family and not hide behind a masquerade of religious perfection.

Pastor Dhati preaches on the third prediction of Jesus’ death. This prediction is a call to the disciples to fully embrace their identity as servants to all.

On this Mother’s Day, Pastor Dhati challenges us to embrace God’s inverted economy by identifying with Christ as the Suffering Servant. He calls us to recognize true greatness in four ways that embody the Person and work of Christ – often lived out by our mothers.

As we continue in this series, Pastor Dhati challenges us to consider the daily challenges of embracing Christ as the suffering servant.

Ryan McCammack, Lead Pastor of Gospel Hope Church, takes us through Mark 8 and challenges us to fight to see the real Jesus, the Jesus of the Bible.

As we continue in our Encounter series, Pastor Dhati talks about the dangers of cultural Christianity and the need to submit our cultural expectations to the Lordship of Christ. In his sermon, Pastor Dhati explains the importance and necessity of culture and exposes the related dangers that can hinder the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus. He concludes by calling us to embrace our identity as foreigners by clinging to God in faith.

Miracles are, by nature, an extraordinary occurrence. However, miracles are not meant to point to themselves. Rather, they are to point to the One who sent them. Of the many miracles Jesus performed, His presence is the greatest miracle offered to us. All of His miracles were intended to point to His deity and how He has bridged the relational gap between God and man. 

In our walk with Jesus there seems to be price points at which we say to Jesus, "I will follow you up to this point, but beyond this point the price is too high." Jesus' call to follow Him is all consuming. When He purchased His people on the cross, He purchased his people in their entirety, not just portions of them. What is your price point?  

As we continue in the Encounter series, Pastor Dhati talks about the human psyche and how we often ask the question, "Why bother?" He explains that the origin of this question is rooted in a lack of trusting God’s provision in our circumstances.

In the latest sermon of our Encounter series, Pastor Lucius tells us about the mercy God has given us through Jesus. Pastor Lucius exhorts and encourages us to be in awe of this mercy and that the proper response to such a great mercy should be a life lived on mission.

As we continue in the Encounter series, Pastor Dhati talks about how chapter 4 of the Gospel of Mark is meant to both warn the disciples about the difficulties of sowing and encourage them to keep sowing. Dhati explains that after seeing the Jesus’ power and hearing his teaching, the disciples are to wrestle with the question, “Who is this?” How they answer that question will impact their faith as a seed sower.

As we continue in the series, Pastor Dhati explains why we have to go beyond our momentary experiences and allow the word of God to dwell richly in our hearts. In this sermon, Dhati explores the parable of sower as a way to get us to truly be changed by the gospel.

Pastor Lucius Rouser IV continues in our Encounter series, in the book of Mark. Diving into Mark 3:13-35, he explains how Christ desires to have communion with us, and that he uses mission as His means to accomplish it. Community is the by-product of mission.

The person and work of Christ refines the person and works of man.

In this sermon, Pastor Dhati talks about one of the greatest fears we have to overcome—the fear of inviting someone to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Dhati continued in Chapter 1 of the Gospel of Mark and expounded on the invitations we give and the responses we receive when asking others to encounter Jesus.

As we begin our new series, Encounter, Pastor Lewis illustrates why encountering the story of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark is important to encourage and inspire us as believers.  We hope to inspire our family to encounter the story of the Person of Christ by explaining, “Who He is.”