As we conclude our Greater Things series, Pastor Lewis teaches us how Jesus prayed during one of His defining moments. In His darkest hour, Jesus demonstrates for us what it looks like to pray to the Father and intercede for His disciples.

As we continue our Greater Things series Pastor Lewis, recaps the Upper Room discourse in this final exhortation to the disciples. In this passage you see the disciples appreciation in Christ making it plain for them. However, you also see Christ’s warning to trust Him more than they trust their own clarity.

Jesus promises that our sorrow will be turned into Joy. Pastor Christian tells us that in the midst of our deepest pain God is presently at work and that His work will result in His ultimate Glory. 

Sermon Synopsis: As we continue our Greater Things series, Pastor Lewis shows us how Jesus exhorts the disciples to keep from stumbling. Jesus shows them how to keep from stumbling by warning them of the potential stumbling blocks, by sending them the Holy Spirit, and by reminding them of who He is and what He has done.

Most Christians are told the benefits of the Gospel, not the consequences of the Gospel.

As we continue in our Greater Things series, Pastor Dhati reminds us why we need to stay close to Jesus in troubling times. He reminds us why reflecting on Christ loving relationship with us helps us to love one another.

God is glorified by his people bearing fruit, and it is only by staying close and remaining in His love that they are able to do so. 

Jesus is preparing to leave His disciples and return to The Father. In the midst of their fears, Jesus promises peace to his disciples through the Holy Spirit. 

As we continue our series Greater Things, Pastor Dhati looks at Jesus's promise to send the Holy Spirit in light of His departure. He frames the importance of these promises, the impact of the personal nature of the Holy Spirit and the implications of the Spirit's work.

On the brink of total despair upon hearing the hard truth of Jesus' imminent death, Jesus calls his disciples to trust in Him as God's Son. Pastor Dhati continues the Greater Things series by explaining why Jesus does not always remove the challenges but instead calls us to trust in Him in the midst of hard truths and the fear that they may bring.

As we begin a new series,called 'Greater Things', Pastor Dhati displays that in the midst of Jesus's worst hour it was the knowledge of His identity that moved Him to Love.