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we’re now offering two services!

Beginning January 6th, 2019, Blueprint Church will offer TWO services at 9 AM and 11:15 AM. Hosting two gatherings will allow our family to make more room for our neighbors and encounter more souls with the gospel. We are so excited about this launch and can’t wait to see what God does through this expansion.

We hope that you will commit yourselves to praying with us as we excitedly prepare for this new season. Thank you for your commitment to unleashing healthy people to do ministry where life exists. We look forward to growing with you!


What are the new service times?
9 AM & 11:15 AM

Why are we moving to two services?
Making the decision not to plant any churches over the next two years led us to pray about a new way to accommodate the growth of our church. After spending much time in prayer and asking God for direction, we believe launching two services will provide the opportunity to reach more of our neighbors and comfortably accommodate an increasing number of guests, family, and friends.

Will there be Hello World (childcare) for both services?
Yes. If your family is attending the 9am service, check-in for Hello World will be open from 8:45-9:30am.  If your family is attending the 11:15am service, check-in for Hello World  will be open from 11:00-11:45am.

  • If you are worshipping at the 9am service, please pick up your child promptly after service is over (approx 10:30am).  This will help us as we transition kids and leaders, and reset Hello World between services.

Where can I park?
We encourage all of our guests, family, and friends to use our satellite lot located on the corner of Highland Ave NE and Boulevard NE. Shuttle pick-ups will begin approximately 30 minutes before each service. Drop-offs after service are available as well.

How does this impact me as a servant leader?
Because each serving team has a variation of needs, the addition of a second service will impact each team in slightly different ways. In order to find out more about how two services will directly impact your role on your serving team, contact your ministry team leader for more information.

How will launching two services benefit our family?
There are many notable opportunities that come with offering two services. A couple of those advantages include a time to foster deeper relationships with those outside of your Missional Community and the chance to foster more consistent relationships within pivotal ministries such as Hello World. Having an additional gathering will also allow members to have more personal interactions with the several hundred guests who visit us every year.

How can I find out more about serving on Sunday/How can I help?
We are looking to build our Sunday teams to ensure a healthy and sustainable schedules for our two new gatherings. If you are interested in serving, please explore opportunities for servant leaders at blueprintchurch.org/serve.