Welcome to my blvd

The BLVD team will be hosting a MyBLVD Event for church planters, pastors, church leaders, seminarians, and other practitioners for a deep dive into the behind the scenes rhythms of Blueprint Church; a church committed to being culturally relevant and biblically sound.


Be Apart

Are you an urban church planter and disciple-maker? Join us for a five-day event at Blueprint Church to get a behind-the-scenes look into the daily operation of a multiplying church. Learn about the mission and vision of Blueprint, and gain insight into platforms such as media, worship, children's ministry and missional communities.


BE Present

Come join the conversations, the planning, and the Sunday gathering of a church family striving to make disciples in the city. Attendees are encouraged to not book hotel rooms, but to sign up for complimentary housing with one of Blueprint's members for a more hands-on experience.


Be A Servant

Our hope is that those who choose to volunteer will have a heart to serve and are committed to helping provide the best experience during the three days of the My BLVD event. If your true desire is to attend the event as an attendee, we recommend registering for the event so that you can fully devote yourself to attending. We cannot guarantee that our volunteers will be able to participate in the sessions.