In this sermon, Pastor Dhati Lewis shares how we can better approach overcoming our economic brokenness. In order to minister holistically, the church must recover and pursue holistic justice.

As Pastor Lewis continues in our current series, All Things New, he unpacks what it means to live a fully present life.  Listen in as Dhati explains what it looks like to embrace vulnerability while rejecting counterfeit expressions of happiness.

As Blueprint celebrate nine years as a church, guest Preacher William Branch talks about the spiritual people of God. He states the spiritual life is “the life we have that is created by the Spirit, empowered by the Spirit, governed by the Spirit, and impossible without the Spirit.”

North America, have we become so consumed with protecting who is right that our churches have forgotten to do what is right? To kick off our sermon series on restoration, Keynon Akers passionately describes the importance of recovering and pursuing God‘s original design for health of those justified by faith. We have a Great Commandment to love and a Great Commission make disciples. We also have a Great Requirement to do justice. By God’s Spirit, we should offer Him spiritual commitment of the heart from which right behavior would ensue.