The story of Samson shows us how God using a person does not mean He approves if a person’s lifestyle and actions. God can recycle the trash in our lives into something good, but that is no excuse to trash our lives.

As we continue through the book of Judges, John M. walks us through the story of Jephthah as we see first hand the danger of only knowing things about God, but not knowing God.

As we continue through our Circles series, the book of Judges causes us to consider the seriousness of sin and idolatry before a great and long suffering God.

As we continue in the book of Judges, Muche shows how God’s glory is put on display even through the weakness of the men He uses.

As we progress through the book of Judges, Muche shows how the story of Gideon highlights God’s extensive mercy and faithfulness towards fearful, disobedient, unqualified people. God calls people on the basis of His strength and faithfulness, not their own.

As we continue in our series on the Circles of life, Pastor Lewis looks at Deborah and Barak as examples of we can have a proper perspective in our pursuit of the Lord.

As we begin our series in the book of Judges, we observe the pattern of sin within the nation of Israel, the destructive consequences it creates for them, and God’s justice and mercy working hand in hand to bring about their redemption.