As we close out our series studying the Sermon on the Mount, John M. urges us to fight for obedience as our clearest means of assurance and security in Christ.

John teaches how God uses pain and crisis to force His church to engage the brokenness of our world.

As we continue in the Come Alive Series, Pastor Dhati takes an in-depth look on how Christians should rep Christ well in the midst of racial tension and social justice.

Pastor John M. encourages us to pursue relationship with Jesus without restraint.

Pastor Dhati challenges us to discipline ourselves and use our resources as a way to cherish Christ with our treasure.

Pastor John encourages us to pray for God’s provision so that others can see the goodness of God and His faithfulness to provide for all our needs. All the while, we are challenged to fight contentment in what we’ve been given, and to give glory to the One who provides

We’ve made the Lord’s Prayer become the exact thing it was meant to remove from our lives: an all too familiar and empty string of phrases. Pastor John teaches the importance of prayer as a privilege we have to communion with or Heavenly Father.

When Jesus unmasks the hypocrisy in our hearts we stand naked and exposed! Yet, after our costume of hypocrisy comes off, we can come alive in Christ and be clothed in His righteousness.

As we conclude our Come Alive series, Pastor Dhati explains how Jesus is calling God’s people to come alive by “Loving Without Limits.”

Continuing in the Sermon on the Mount, Pastor John teaches that the use of our words is a reflection of our God.

As we continue to study the Sermon on the Mount, Elder Rob Harden challenges us to pursue God’s standards as it relates to holiness, and not our own.

As we continue in Matthew 5, Damon Horton helps us see that the light of the Gospel exposes every blind spot in our heart that’s hiding behind anger.

As we continue in our Come Alive series, Pastor Dhati will take a close look at the righteous requirement of God as preached by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. This pivotal text helps to tie together the first sixteen verses if Matthew chapter 5 with the rest of the sermon.