In the final installment of our Genuine Faith series, Pastor John O shows how a confident relationship with God leads to confident requests from God. We can expect great things from our great God, but our prayers shouldn’t just be for us, but for our brothers and sisters as well. We have confidence that the One who died for us and intercedes for us will also protect us. When we go in the wrong direction, God will pull us back.

No one overcomes the world who does not have faith in Christ. No has life apart from Him. But all who are in Him have victory. In this edition of our Genuine Faith series, Pastor John M. shares how we overcome the world in Christ.

Why does genuine faith commit to loving one another? Dhati explores what it means to commit to each other in love, and why it’s essential to our faith; using 1 John 4:7-21.

D.A. Horton shares how genuine faith is: 1) critical in testing the spirits and discerning false teaching; 2) careful in emphasizing the incarnation; and 3) confident in the Holy Spirit’s leading. Those who have genuine faith re from God and acknowledge his word as the source of truth.

In the latest installment of our Genuine Faith series, we see what it means to abide in Christ. 1 John shows that our lives should be defined by Christ’s life, pursuing Him rather than sin.

As we continue our series, Genuine Faith, Pastor Dhati challenges our view of what it means not to “love the world” and calls to pursue a genuine faith worth living for.

As we continue our series, Genuine Faith, we learn that assurance of our salvation is an ongoing journey directly connected to our obedience to Jesus’ command to love one another.

As we continue in 1 John, we look at the role that repentance plays in the life of someone who has a genuine faith in Christ’s offer of salvation.

John O introduces our new Genuine Faith series on the book of 1 John. The first four verses show us that God’s character is made concrete through Christ and is communicated through the Church.