How can we obey His commands if we fail to believe His promises? Let us be people of behavior, yes, but let us be people of behavior who are rooted in belief of the promises of God and the Truths of His Word.

By faith we see beauty in the midst of brokenness, are prepared to choose hardship over happiness, and look to the Savior rather than ourselves.

Reflecting on the importance of biblical faith allows us to walk in Light of the resurrection of Christ.

Christ is particularly great because His work is complete.

If we are going to have hope in the midst of a hopeless society, we must put our hope in something that is sure, something that is eternal, and something that is not fading. Our hope must be in what Christ has done on our behalf.

What the old covenant reveals to us is that mankind is far worse than we may have thought.  But through the new covenant, and the work of Jesus Christ, the identity that we now have is fundamentally better than our old one. We’ve been completely changed, from the inside out.

Many before Jesus were qualified to be priests because of their ancestry. Jesus was qualified because of His Superiority, perfection, and indestructible life.

Jesus is our high priest. Not just any priest, but a priest who died on the cross to pay for our sins and one who intercedes on our behalf before the Father. Jesus, a priest who doesn’t need to make atonement for Himself, but becomes an atonement for his people.

God urges us to come to Him and he will give us rest. In striving for God’s rest, we submit ourselves to the light saber of God’s Word.

Seeing Jesus as our better brother, keep us on being a better brother.
Holding fast to Jesus is more than acknowledging that His work makes us part of the family, it propels us to act like part of the family.