As we continue in our I Am series, Pastor John shows that an eternal hope to be with Jesus is the only lasting answer to our present anxieties.

Marriage is God’s original plan for spreading His glory around the world. In this sermon, Pastor Jorge walks through principles every marriage is meant to have, and then dives into a specific marriage in the New Testament to give an understanding of what marriage on mission looks like.

As we continue beholding the beauty of Jesus in John’s Gospel, Jazz Cathcart challenges us to embrace, enjoy, embody, and extend the Shepherd’s love.

As we continue in the “I AM” series, pastor Dhati looks at John 10:1-10 to show that Jesus is committed, even to the point of death, to establish security and support for His people.

Pastor John shows that the light of Jesus drives away the confusing darkness in our lives and offers direction as we strive to be obedient followers of Christ.

As we continue with the I AM series, pastor Dhati explains why Christ’s claim of being the Bread of Life satisfies and sustains the vulnerability and yearning of our soul. Join us as we wrestle with the first of seven claims Christ made in the Gospel of John.

As we begin our series looking at the 7 “I Am” statements Jesus makes in the book of John, we start with the first occurrence of this statement where Moses encounters God at the burning bush. God chose to reveal himself to man and starts the sentence with “I Am…” Jesus comes to bridge the gap and complete the sentence, showing us specifically what God is like.