Church planter James Roberson shares the amazing things God is doing in Brooklyn, while using Acts 19 to encourage us to focus on discipleship, trust God, and embrace the life of adventure He has for us.

As we continue in our series, Ready, Set Go, Dhati calls us to live courageously by living a life that is dependent on God’s presence, power, and patience.

Using Paul’s interactions with the Athenians in Acts 17 as a guide, John M. walks us through what it looks like to confront idolatry— in our lives and in the lives of others. When we see the glory of God going to someone or something else, we are compelled to speak out with the Gospel, and the Gospel always begins with God, the only one who deserves our worship.

Muche examines why the Gospel is a message that does indeed turn the would upside down and why we should courageously share it through declaration and demonstrations.

All too often we don;t take the initiative to act, because we are over-analyzing. Many of us are waiting for God to reveal His will for our lives rather than moving forward with what we know is God’s will for His people in general. As we pick back up in our journey through Acts, we take a look at the Spirit-led life of Paul and how his initiative affected many others.