In this life, there is pain and suffering. However, we belong to a God who does not waste these experiences but uses them to grow us in the image of Christ. The ability to use our pain rather than wasting it should lead us to give our thanks and praises to God.

We pause our Holy Nation series to look at Paul’s last recorded words to the Ephesian Elders. Paul gave everything up for the sake of the church, the lost, and for Christ. Are we living lives devoted to the spread of the gospel? Are we counting our lives of little value so we can run the race well? Do we have a deep abiding relationship with the Holy Spirit? In this message, our guest speaker encourages us to dig deep into our hearts to uncover the areas that are holding us back from living our best life for Jesus Christ.

Early on Sunday morning, a few women went to Jesus' tomb to give Him a proper burial. They expected to find a dead Jesus, a powerless Jesus, a body with no life. Instead, they encountered the power of God through the resurrection and their lives were changed forever. In this sermon, Pastor Dhati challenges us to examine whether or not we have truly encountered the power of the resurrection. Do we pay our respects to Christ as if He were still a dead man? Or do we live differently because Jesus' resurrection changed our lives forever? 

 Good Friday is only good for one reason - Jesus rose again on Sunday. In this message, Pastor Corwin reminds us that the cross was just a pit-stop (not the final destination) in Christ's mission to redeem the world. 

In light of Paul's commands in Romans 12:1-3, Amisho Lewis reminds us that every area and aspect of life is worship, removing the Sacred/Secular divide. Therefore we must submit ourselves and our work under His authority and sovereignty, as we seek to be cultivators and workers who are restoring dignity back to God's creation.

Amisho Lewis shares that work was established before the fall. Therefore we must view it as worship.

As we celebrate Christmas, Pastor Lewis encourages us to keep Christ central by clinging to the person and work of Christ. As Pastor Lewis walks through these introductory paragraphs in the Gospel of John, he stresses what’s at stake is more than how we spell out Christmas.

Elder Rob calls us to walk in step with The Spirit so that we would remain free from sin. However, if anyone becomes overtaken by sin it is our responsibility, as Spirit lead people, to restore our fallen sibling.