In order for churches to represent and reflect God properly in urban contexts, they must know two things: their identity and their city.

When navigating the tension of relating to people as unto the Lord, we battle with swinging towards condoning others. Living in a diverse city, we know this is a tension we manage—not solve—realizing living in either extreme diminishes God’s glory and deteriorates our relationship with others. To get a framework for navigating this tension we turn to Micah 6.

As we understand God’s love for us, we must realize that we are to b e a tangible expression of that love. It’s that love that will change our city and the world.

Brokenness can be restored into beauty when the love of God is the glue that holds all the pieces together. We will show love to the body of Christ when we first learn the definition of love and secondly discover God’s love, so we can demonstrate His love.

As we begin a new series, Pastor Dhati kicks off the season challenging us to become the church in order to be more welcoming to the city.