As we complete our series Witness, Dhati talks about what to do when difficulties arise withing the church and how Blueprint Church specifically applies these principles.

In this sermon, we examine the role conflict plays in exposing our level of commitment to the glory of Christ.

As we continue in our series, Witness, we look at the dangers of allowing covetousness to outweigh our commitment to grace within community.

In Acts 3 and 4, Luke encourages Theophilus by recalling a life changing moment for the Apostles, which laid the foundation of the church.

As we continue in our series, Witness, John M. walks us through the events of the Pentecost. We look at the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those who were witnesses and gave themselves in obedience to the mission of Christ.

As we begin our journey through the book of Acts, John sets new expectations for nominal Christianity by exposing the potential for what could be if we as believers embrace our role as witnesses to the mighty work of Jesus.