Marriage is designed to reflect God's Covenant love with us to the world. Similar to our own marriages our walks with The Lord have their ups and downs. However despite our unfaithfulness to God in our sin, He remains faithful to us according to His riches of Grace & Mercy. In this sermon, Elder Rob Harden reminds us that we have security in our marriage with God and/or our salvation because of God's faithful and unfailing love towards us.

Notice to Parents: This sermon contains mature content.
As we continue in our Solomon’s mixtape series, Pastor Dhati has the discussion that we have been avoiding since childhood. In this sermon, he walks us through the second sex scene in the book of Song of Solomon. He compares and contrasts this intimate moment with their first encounter in chapter 4.  

As we continue in our Solomon’s mixtape series, Pastor Dhati takes us through the first conflict between Solomon and his bride. In his sermon, he draws out seven principles we can use in the midst of conflict resolution.


Every human being has the desire to have a purpose and to be loved. In our pursuit of purpose and love, it’s easy to look everywhere except for where true love actually exists. In his message, Pastor Dhati reminds us that love is more than just a feeling or a guiding force, but love is actually God Himself.  

God designed sexual intimacy to be enjoyed within the covenant of marriage. However, Satan, through the world's voice, has distorted God's original design for romance and intimacy. In this sermon, Elder Rob Harden addresses the world's distorted image of sex and paints a beautiful and vibrant picture of God’s purpose for love and intimacy.

As we continue in the book Song of Solomon, Pastor Dhati shows us how the couple in the passage goes from casual dating to courtship. This passage offers a glimpse into how upholding healthy boundaries helps a dating or married couple honor God through their relationship. 

Dating, in America, is done in a variety of different ways and is often the subject of much debate. Is God clear about how His people should date and pursue one another? And if He is, how should Christians handle the baggage that comes as a result of missing the mark? In this message, Elder Rob Harden, provides some practical principals for dating and pursuit, along with a message of freedom and grace for those who wrestle with baggage. 

The book of Song of Solomon begins with a love story centered around attraction. For the first installment of the Solomon’s Mixtape sermon series, Pastor Dhati teaches us how to discern God’s best by observing how the young couple in Song of Songs 1 reflects on their early affection, mutual respect, and submission to one another.